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Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Mentorship

Jay Rajput

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Accelerate your affiliate marketing success with the ultimate affiliate marketing mentorship program, unlocking unlimited profit potential.


Mentorship Intro

68 attachments • 9 hrs

Preparation Before Creating a Website | Class-A

How to Use ClickFunnels For Free, Domain Research, Connect Domain With ClickFunnel

How to Create SEO Friendly Sales Page

How To Submit Website on Search Engine

How To Increase Website Authority through Social Signals and Backlink

Google Ads intro, Preparation befor run google ads

How To Select ClickBank Products | How to create Landing Page For Google Ads

How to Create Google Ads

Q&A Live - 17th Feb-2022

How To Create Multiple Campaign

google Ads Optimization Q&A

google ads optimization 16-02-2022 Class Recording

Mentorship Q&A - 25-03-2022

Preparation Before Run Bing Ads

How To Select Products & Create Landing Page For Bing Ads

How To Setup ClickMagic and BeMob For Search Ads

How To Create Bing Ads Campaign (Most Secret Method)

Q&A Class | 0 Sale?

How To Create Direct Linking Campaign | Cloaking | Bing Ads Q&A

Q & A Class: 04/05/2022

How to Select Products & Spy Landing Page For Broad Targeting

How To Create Google Ad Campaign (Broad Targeting)

Live Q & A - 12/05/2022

Live Q & A - 03/06/2022

How To Create Bing Ad Campaign (Broad Targeting)

Live Q & A For Google Ads

Bing ads Broad Campaign Optimization Part-1

Preparation Before Start Affiliate Blogging

How To Find SEO Friendly Domain For Affiliate Blog

Live Q & A - 22/06/2022

How to Setup Wordpress For Affiliate Blog

Live Q&A For Organic Method - 29/07/22

Live Q&A For Paid Method - 07/08/22

Live Q & A - 17/08/2022

Live Q&A For Low Sales Students - 26/08/22

Live Q & A - 29/08/2022

Live Q & A - 11/09/2022

How To Setup Plugin & Basic SEO For Affiliate Blog

How To Analyse Your Competitor Website & Keyword Research

Live Q & A - 08/10/2022

Live Q & A & Some IMP Updates

Live Q & A - FB Ads Updates

Creating Pages, Posts Optimization, Submitting Sites on Search Engine

How To Create SEO Friendly Article For Affiliate Blog

OFF Page SEO: Link Building & Social Signals

Preparation Before Run Facebook Ads

How To Create FB Business Manager Account & Some Important Setup

Live Q & A - 16/12/2022

How to Spy FB ADS & Create Landing Page

How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign With Lookalike Audience | My Secret Way 🤫

Live Q & A - 28/12/2022

Live Q & A - 13/01/2023

Live Q&A - 03/03/23

Live Q & A - 25/03/2023

How To Run Google Ads in 2023 (New Updated Method) Part-1

How To Run Google Ads in 2023 (New Updated Method) Part-2

Google Ad Optimization & Live Q & A - 20/04/2023

Ultimate Hidden Secret Method of Google Ads - 300% ROI

How To create Landing Page Through Mobirise

How To create Landing Page Through Mobirise

Organic Traffic Method Revision

Live Q & A - 28/07/2023

Live Q & A - 16/08/2023

Live Q&A | Mobirise SEO Implementation - 22/09/2023

Live Q & A - 31/10/2023

Live Q & A - 18/02/2024

Organic Revision 19/March/2024

Live Q&A About Zero-Cost Affiliate Marketing: Secrets to Organic Growth

Crypto - Binance Future Trading

1 attachment • 2 hrs

Students Meeting

About the creator

About the creator

Jay Rajput

Jay Rajput

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